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WOMAN 1: We are ordinary women.

WOMAN 2: We never thought ourselves special.

WOMAN 1: I was happy with the family.

WOMAN 2: I was happy with my life.

WOMAN 1, 2: We are ordinary women

WOMAN 1: Ordinary

WOMAN 2: Yes, that's quite right.

WOMAN 1: We didn't know each other

WOMAN 2: Not until that night.

WOMAN 1, 2: We were strangers.

WOMAN 2: Then on April 23rd 1993 at 7:35 in the evening

WOMAN 1: I remember looking at my watch.

WOMAN 2: At 7:35 in the evening

WOMAN 1: We saw an amazing light.

WOMAN 2: It was a glowing bubble.

WOMAN 1: It was like a crystal ball.

WOMAN 2: Hovering just above us

WOMAN 1, 2: Hovering. Then descending

WOMAN 1: It was slowly dropping down

WOMAN 2: While growing larger and larger

WOMAN 1: And slowly dropping down.

WOMAN 2: Then we looked at one another

WOMAN 1, 2: Me at you. You at me.

WOMAN 1: And saw ourselves identical

WOMAN 2: Not in how we looked, but what we are.

WOMAN 1: We knew we were identical

WOMAN 2: In a fundamental way.

WOMAN 1: I believe we saw our spirit

WOMAN 1, 2: Me in you. You in me.

WOMAN 2: While swallowed in that light.

WOMAN 1: We simply stood there staring

WOMAN 2: And saw ourselves alive.

WOMAN 1: For the first time ever really

WOMAN 2: We saw ourselves alive.

WOMAN 1: It was more than standing naked

WOMAN 2: We felt much more exposed.

WOMAN 1: Then as quickly as we noticed

WOMAN 2: The light began to rise.

(From 'Cult UFO')
Two Women sit closely together. Their arms over one another's shoulders.