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WOMAN 1: Slowly

WOMAN 2: But higher

WOMAN 1, 2: The light began to rise.

WOMAN 1: It hovered for a moment

WOMAN 2: The light began to blink.

WOMAN 1: I felt my body splitting.

WOMAN 2: I was being torn in two.

WOMAN 1: I reached out to grab you

WOMAN 2: I grabbed you.

WOMAN 1: I grabbed you.

WOMAN 1, 2: I reached across to grab you

WOMAN 1: When suddenly... it was gone.

WOMAN 2: We looked at one another

WOMAN 1, 2: Me at you. You at me.

WOMAN 1: And began to understand.

WOMAN 2: There's something of me in you.

WOMAN 1: And something of you in me.

WOMAN 2: We're a single being really

WOMAN 1: Not two

WOMAN 2: Not two

WOMAN 1: A single being

WOMAN 2: Really

WOMAN 1, 2: Not two.

WOMAN 1: I want what you want.

WOMAN 2: I'll do what you do.

WOMAN 1: All the things that you believe

WOMAN 2: I believe them too.

WOMAN 1: We're ordinary women

WOMAN 2: In an ordinary way.

WOMAN 1: But we do nothing without the other

WOMAN 1, 2: Night and day.

WOMAN 2: We didn't know each other

WOMAN 1: Not until that night.

WOMAN 1, 2: We were strangers.

WOMAN 1: Then on April 23rd 1993 at 7:35 in the evening

WOMAN 2: She was looking at her watch.

WOMAN 1: At 7:35 in the evening

WOMAN 2: We saw an amazing light.

WOMAN 1: It was like a glowing bubble.

WOMAN 2: It was like a crystal ball.

WOMAN 1: Hovering just above us

WOMAN 1, 2: Hovering. Then descending

WOMAN 2: It was slowly dropping down

WOMAN 1: While growing larger and larger