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Personal Impact Presentation
Session Leader: Charles Serio
PERSONAL IMPACT AND PRESENTATION is designed to increase your personal impact and effectiveness as a speaker in a one day workshop.

The Workshop is highly interactive, practical, innovative, and fun. It is designed to increase self confidence in any type of public speaking situation.

By the end of the Session you will have:

Explored a variety of tools and techniques in theory and practice to help enhance your personal impact

Developed a detailed personal profile of your strengths and your areas of development as an effective communicator

Plotted a personal plan to help maximize your learning

PERSONAL IMPACT AND PRESENTATION employs business and improvisational methods related to Status, Voice Production, and Manner of Speech to help you improve your "performance" when presenting to Senior Managers, Conference Delegates, Interview Panels, within Work related Team structures, and at meetings.
You will learn the value of non-verbal communication including body language and gesture.

Commonly asked questions such as: "What do I do when I lose my train of thought?" or "What do I do with my hands?" will be addressed. You will leave this workshop with techniques adapted to your individual needs.

This workshop offers its delegates the opportunity to learn more about themselves as a speaker. It focuses on managing one's behaviours when addressing a group and on methods to manage how we are "coming across" to our audience.

Discover how you can be more personally effective in a safe and engaging environment.

The Programme in More Detail:
PERSONAL IMPACT and Presentation is a full one day workshop (09:30 to 16:30) with a lunch break. Participants begin the day with a programme overview and introductions.

Each workshop Participant will then present a pre-prepared short section of a Presentation they have given previously (2 to 5 minutes max.) or a section of one that they hope to deliver in future. This is the starting point for identifying individual needs and requirements for the day.

The exercises that follow focus on different individual areas of improvement in technique:

“Active Relaxation” before speaking

Effective Breathing techniques

Body Language




Use of Humour and Metaphor

Creative Structuring of the Presentation itself

Each individual focused area for improvement is then put into practical context with a presentation exercise. So what is being learned is then put immediately into practice.

About the Session Leader:
Charles Serio is a Professional actor and Drama Teacher with a background in Improvisation and Devising. He works internationally across the public and private sectors both as a facilitator and role-player for a wide range of organisations.

Charles is Artistic Director for
Serio Ensemble an Arts Group that focuses on new work and new techniques in performance. Many of the exercises in the Personal Impact and Presentation workshop were developed over the years by Charles working with professional actors. The aim was to find more effective ways to connect and influence within improvisations and hence with other people.

In 1995 Charles began to take this type of approach in communication to a business environment to much success. His gift is to bridge the gap between the artistic and corporate environments. His exercises are designed to be effective whatever the participant's working background.

Current and past clients include: Ford, Sony, Nokia, Citrix, Clarity Informatics, ELEXON, Tridium, Motorola, Unilever, The Arts Council (Board and Senior Staff), Centre 4 Testing, Royal College of Surgeons, Open Text, Mayden, Rockwell Collins, UKCeB, NHS Leaders, MOD, Brother UK, The Guardian, Kable, Teradata, Babcock International, Neopost, SAP, Panasonic, and techUK among many others.

Other Details:
A Personal Impact and Presentation workshop is ideally designed for between 8 and 12 participants.

It has proved effective for both experienced and inexperienced presenters. A mixed group would not pose a problem. This workshop is also effective for those whose native tongue is not English.

Course: Personal Impact and Presentation run by Charles Serio, Serio Ensemble Arts Group

"I selected Personal Impact from Intellect's range of courses for my sales team to build their effectiveness in meetings and presentations. It is by far the best use of training budget I have experienced in my 20 year sales career.

Charles Serio, the trainer, and I met before the session for me to brief him on the individuals in the team and for us to agree details of the course. It was obvious to me at this meeting and during the training course that Charles certainly knows his stuff. The content was absolutely spot on and he dealt with each attendee as an individual, each with their own needs and development challenges.
From the moment Charles stood up to address the audience they were paying attention like I have never seen a sales team do before, and they continued to do so for the entire day. Forget anything you have seen before about such courses. There was not a single PowerPoint slide all day; in fact there wasn't even a projector in the room.
The feedback from the delegates has been overwhelming and 100% positive. I had people texting me on the journey home after the session personally thanking me for arranging such a life improving event for them!
If you run a sales team and pay for one training course this year, make it Personal Impact by Charles Serio.

Simon Lill, Sales Director, Open Text UK LtdIn house session run for Open Text UK Ltd December 2010

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