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The only time
I really want
To read that paper
Is over your shoulder.

We've nothing else in common
Except we like to smoke
Our only conversation
We share the same addiction.

All the boys
With rolled up jeans on
Were wading through
The coin filled fountain.

Who named this block of flats?
I never heard of him
Name the next for a Hollywood hero
Rin Tin Tin.

I don't know
I'll fill this space
With nothing
And I'll bet they'll never know.

I know a little cat
We all call him Sooty
His coat is black
His tail is long
He doesn't belong to anyone.

Too many rules
This is done like that
There's only one way
To skin a cat.

Six tiny rabbits
Drinking from a tea cup
Spilling all the water out
Leaking on the floor.

I have a scar
Running down my arm
By a wayward rabbit
On a petting farm.

It maybe isn't bad
Our attention has grown so small
Perhaps it was due to you
Nothing to pay attention to.

Karin likes her chocolate
She talks about it quite a lot
She puts it in the freezer
And eats it when it's dark.

Big Blue Eyes
Come to bed
Let me show you
What we are.

A couple leans in
With folded arms
He's anxious to please
She's willing to charm.

A thirty second interlude
Go and get a drink
Think of something special
Go and put your jumper on.

The following poem
Is brought to you by
A laundry detergent
And Captain Birdseye.

Her curls
They are not natural
Her winning smile
The same.

We've wasted an entire day
Doing nothing really much
We've wasted an entire night

I had three pigeons
They weren't really mine
They flew around my sitting room
Once upon a time.